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Our History

Our founders Barbara and JP Pinocchio started Moms on the Run in 1999 after Barbara’s sister, Debra, passed away from breast cancer. Their family witnessed the physical and emotional difficulties that came with the diagnosis, including the financial hardships it caused. The Pinocchio’s put on a “little race” in hopes of raising $1,000 for a local woman battling breast cancer. That first race brought in over $100,000.


Today, Moms on the Run is the largest race of its kind in Reno, with more than 5,000 participants each year, allowing Moms on the Run to give back to our community over $500,000 each year in assistance.


  • Founded in 1999

  • Raised $6.5 million since then

  • Helped 5,500 women in Northern Nevada

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Your Impact

  • Living expenses, including but not limited to:

    • rents/mortgages

    • food

    • utilities

    • car expenses

  • Medical aid:

    • Wigs for women who lose their hair while going through chemo

    • Lymphedema garments

    • Cancer Rehabilitation Program at St. Mary’s

    • Treatment Totes/Hugs in a Bag: Tote bags filled with items for women going through chemo treatment

Our Board of Directors

Barbara Pinocchio, Co-Founding Member
JP Pinocchio, Co-Founding Member
Debbie Bailey (since 2000)
Jim Minor (since 2000)
Jennifer O'Harra (since 2005)
Jillian Pinocchio (since 2012)
Chad Felix (since 2017)
Alex Crosby (since 2018)
Sandy Ferguson (since 2018)
Amanda Tye (since 2018)
Mallory Pinocchio (since 2018)
David Hetland (since 2018)
Tim Minor (since 2020)
Shannon Minor (since 2020)

Emily Kummer, Executive Director
Tamara Reid, Board Attorney

We Need Your Support Today!

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