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The Value of a Dollar

Do you know where your dollar goes? 
Here are just a few of the ways you help Moms on the Run provide support for women in northern Nevada battling cancer: 

Where Your

Dollar Goes

  • Living expenses, including but not limited to:

    • mortgages/rents

    • food

    • utilities

    • car expenses

  • Medical aid:

    • Wigs for women who lose their hair while going through chemo

    • Lymphedema garments

    • Cancer Rehabilitation Program at St. Mary’s

    • Treatment Totes/Hugs in a Bag – Tote bags filled with goodies for women going through chemo treatment

What Your Dollars

Can Pay For

  • $17 will pay for a taxi ride to and from the hospital for a patient receiving chemo treatment 

  • $35 will pay for a monthly cancer support group 

  • $38 will pay a woman's water and sewer bill for a month 

  • $45 will pay for gas to enable a woman to get to and from medical appointments 

  • $46 will pay her car insurance while she is unable to work 

  • $50 will cover a week's worth of groceries 

  • $54 will pay a woman's power bill to keep her warm during winter months 

  • $187.50 will cover the cost of a wig for a woman who has lost her hair due to chemo treatments 

  • $250 a week will pay rent or mortgage to ensure a woman will not become homeless while unable to work due to cancer treatments 

  • $299 pays for a 6-month Cancer Health and Wellness Fitness Program for when she is done with treatment and her body is mending 

  • $500 will pay for a woman's childcare costs while she is receiving daily radiation treatment 

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